Safeguarding your personal details

Here at, we take online privacy & security very seriously. To read more about our privacy policy, please click here.

We offer several methods of payment: PayPal, bank transfer & cheque (Cheques are acceptable only for orders placed via this site, not collection orders).

PayPal is a well known & established global payment system and we simply pass your session to the PayPal payment system to complete the transaction without capturing any payment information.

Rest assured that at no time do we ever hold any credit card information, even in our server memory space; your session is securely passed directly to the PayPal system before you fill in any sensitive information.

You may also notice that our entire website uses and it has a padlock in the address bar. This means that everything you see & do on our site is entirely transmitted via encrypted data transfer to and from your device to our server via our 256-bit SSL certificate, which conforms to the latest internet security standards.

In addition to these security measures, the website will only allow the addition of items that we physically hold in stockº to your basket. We understand how frustrating it is to use other sites which charge cards immediately without having the goods in stock, thus leaving you waiting an indeterminate amount of time to receive your order. Consequently, we took a conscious decision not to allow orders to be placed for items that we do not have in stock. If an item is not in stock, please use our contact form to enquire about its expected arrival in stock.

º The only exception to our physical stock policy is the Surface Transforms range of disc assemblies.  Due to the breadth of the range & cost of holding physical stock, these discs are built to order.  Typical delivery time is 5 working days.

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