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Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid 0.5 litres

Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid 0.5 litres

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Endless RF-650 Racing Super Fluid

Simply the best brake fluid on the planet!

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Endless RF-650 brake fluid is used in Formula 1, WRC, Porsche Factory Cup Cars and on the Dakar Rally, yet is still available for the end-user or racer desiring the highest performing brake fluid. Within the circuit stages where the braking temperatures reach extremely high heat situations which are never seen on the street, extremely stable performance characteristics have been achieved. Endless RF-650 is becoming recognized as the highest-spec brake fluid around the world.

Thanks to the high velocity and the even viscosity in the fluid the response in the brake system is very fast and precise regardless of the temperature. The low freezing point (-40 ºC) also makes RF-650 perfect for snow rallies. RF-650 are not aggressive towards any metal alloys or rubber seals and offer you great linear pedal feel. Endless is the official supplier of brake fluid to the Mercedes GP Formula One team and all new Porsche Cup Cars, where the RF-650 is used in all testing and racing activities.

Endless Racing Super Fluid RF-650 is a super heavy-duty brake fluid with a high dry boiling point (dry ERBP) of 323 C (Minimum) and a wet boiling point (wet ERBP) of 218 C (Minimum). Endless RF-650 offers excellent performance and maintains its high boiling point even under extreme heat and use. An extremely slow ERBP decline means that it is well suited for use under severe braking conditions in applications such as: Formula Car, Touring Car, Stock Car, Rally and the various other top levels of motorsport. Endless RF-650 has been developed to have superior kinetic viscosity properties at high temperatures. The DOT 5 viscosity standard is a minimum 1.5 at extremely high temperatures, however under similar conditions the Endless RF-650’s viscosity is a minimum of 3.3. This very property also allows the driver to maintain stable braking during the hardest conditions by offering a consistent pedal feel.  It has been reported by a GT3 track driver that it cured his “spongy when hot” brake pedal issues when many other, more expensive, cures he tried did not.  Read about his experience here

The result = better pedal feel, less frequent bleeding of the braking system, consistency under the harshest uses


– Dry boiling point: 323 degrees C

– Wet boiling point: 218 degrees C

– Freezing point: – 40 degrees C

PLEASE NOTE: This product is supplied in 0.5 litre cans.  You will typically need 2 to 3 cans for a complete flush of the braking system.

We also recommend that the braking system is given a complete flush every year before the start of the season to ensure minimum degradation of the fluid due to water absorption.


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