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Alcon 362mm front disc only (pair)

Alcon 362mm front disc only (pair)

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Replacement pair of 362mm Front Alcon Brake Discs.

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Replacement 362mm Front Alcon Brake Discs.

When your existing Alcon discs need replacing, there’s no need to replace the complete disc & bell assembly, just re-use the Alcon bell and replace the rotors and bobbins.

Alcon’s specialist engineering expertise has been employed in the design and manufacture of these bespoke,  high specification brake discs. Each disc is heat treated twice during manufacture to ensure the maximum stress relief before use, thereby extending the life of the disc.  Because the Alcon disc does not have drilled holes, there are no points of weakness for cracks to propagate and thus reduce the life of the disc.  Porsche recommend that their discs are replaced when the cracks that propagate from the drilled holes extend beyond 5mm.  Although superficial surface cracks can be observed on the Alcon disc, they are of no consequence and do not result in the strength of the disc being compromised.

Developed by Alcon as a replacement for the original steel or PCCB discs, Alcon discs can last 5 times longer than the original steel discs, depending on driving style and choice of pad material. Porsche original steel discs typically last 3-5 track days, Alcons will typically last for 20-25 track days.


  • 996 GT3 Mk1
  • 996 GT3 Mk2
  • 996 GT3 RS
  • 996 GT2
  • 997 GT3 Gen1 (up to 2009) with OEM steel discs
  • 997 Turbo Gen1 (up to 2009) with OEM steel discs

NB: These discs will NOT fit the 996 Turbo; for replacement Turbo discs, you need these




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